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Tomorrow, Thursday 31/01/2019
Time Forecast Temp. Precipitation Wind
Heavy rain showers.
8В° 6.1 mm Gentle breeze, 5 m/s from eastGentle breeze, 5 m/s from east
Rain showers.
7В° 2.7 mm Light breeze, 3 m/s from southeastLight breeze, 3 m/s from southeast
7В° 2.9 mm Light breeze, 3 m/s from southwestLight breeze, 3 m/s from southwest
8В° 0 mm Light breeze, 2 m/s from east-northeastLight breeze, 2 m/s from east-northeast
GunnarSanрџ‡Їрџ‡І May 28
Replying to @ltarsenal
Well said young man, hopefully he will have the same impact with us here and our players.
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